Breathe: Milla Jovovich and Jennifer Hudson battle for oxygen in the trailer for the disaster thriller

Breathe is an action thriller and also a sci-fi thriller set on a planet Earth without oxygen.

Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

A post-apocalyptic scenario in which oxygen has practically disappeared is the catastrophic action thriller Breathe, directed by Stefon Bristol. He is a protegé of Spike Lee who won an Independent Spirit Award with the film before this one, entitled See You Yesterday. The film will be released on demand and in theaters on April 26th. According to the director, it is an act of love towards planet Earth, increasingly spoiled by man, and the story of a mother and daughter who rely on each other and love each other.

Breathe: the cast and the plot

Breathe stars Jennifer Hudson and Milla Jovovich. The first of hers is a mother who, together with her daughter, lives in an underground shelter where she lives quite peacefully thanks to a machine for making oxygen that her late husband left her. Jovovich, on the other hand, is a survivor who breaks into the bunker, together with other people, intending to steal the oxygen generator to build similar ones. In reality, she is an evil woman who tries to suffocate Hudson's character and her daughter, played by Quvenzhane Wallis. Sam Worthington and Raul Castillo also star in the film.

Breathe: the trailer

The trailer for Breathe has just been released, showing Jennifer Hudson and Quvenzhane Wallis' fight for survival. The world, or what is left of it, has become a desolate place, a danger zone where even the Brooklyn Bridge, which we see in the promotional images, has lost its charm. Note the desaturated photography in the outdoor scenes, while the colors return when we are inside the bunker. The second part of the trailer is dedicated to the conflict between the group of survivors and the women of the underground shelter, and the tension seems to rise by the second. As for Milla Jovovich, she is also gorgeous with a scuba diver face mask and a dusty jumpsuit.