Cillian Murphy wins the Oscar for best actor for his role in 'Oppenheimer'

After winning the Golden Globe, the BAFTA, and the SAG, Cillian Murphy was the big favorite to do prize poker.

Image Credit: Universal Pictures

Sooner or later, a Christopher Nolan film was going to sweep the annual film awards race. It had to be in the twelfth, and it had to be with Cillian Murphy as the lead actor. The Irishman is the British director's favorite actor, appearing in six of Nolan's twelve films. But until 'Oppenheimer', in none of them had he assumed the honors of leading the cast and plot. He has taken full advantage of the opportunity. Cillian Murphy has won the Oscar for Best Actor for 'Oppenheimer', the biographical film of J. Robert Oppenheimer in which Murphy masterfully plays the physicist who created the atomic bomb in all his personal, professional, and, above all, moral facets. This culminates an unbeatable start to 2024, where he has won the Golden Globe, the BAFTA, and the SAG.

Cillian Murphy at the 2024 Oscars

Murphy has beaten the other nominees in the category: Paul Giamatti for 'Those Who Remain', Bradley Cooper for 'Maestro', Jeffrey Wright for 'American Fiction' and Colman Domingo for 'Rustin'. Although Giamatti had options, the big favorite was the Irishman, and the prediction has come true. The speech of an actor so natural that he claimed to have celebrated his nomination "having tea and cake at his parents' house" was highly anticipated. In it, Murphy has been much more excited than he usually is, with a smile from ear to ear, as if he couldn't believe what was happening. The actor thanked Christopher Nolan and the 'Oppenheimer team, reaffirmed his love for Ireland, and advocated for peace "in Oppenheimer's world."

A race full of classics

At 47 years old, Cillian Murphy has enough iconic films to cover a 'Murphian' marathon weekend. The general public knew him for his role in '28 Days Later', one of the best films in the zombie/infected genre. After appearing in films such as 'Girl with a Pearl Earring' or 'Cold Mountain', and starring in authentic semi-hidden gems such as 'Breakfast on Pluto', his first collaboration with Christopher Nolan came in 2005 with 'Batman Begins'. The Dark Knight trilogy began a fruitful relationship with the director, who booked him a role in 'Inception' and 'Dunkirk', as well as in 'Oppenheimer'. In between, he became a global icon as Thomas Shelby in 'Peaky Blinders'.