Millie Bobby Brown responds to criticism of her accent: 'I'm trying my best'

Image Credit: Netflix

Millie Bobby Brown explained that as an actress she adapts to the role and the environment in which she finds herself. Millie Bobby Brown, known for her roles in Stranger Things and Enola Holmes, recently faced criticism over her changing accent in some television interviews. Notably, during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, some viewers were perplexed by her previously apparent lack of British accent.

Millie Bobby Brown grew up in America from the age of 8!

Millie Bobby Brown, who moved to Florida from England at the age of eight, explained that as an actress she adapts to the role and environment she finds herself in. In an interview with TikTok interviewer Max Balegde, she shared her perspective, stating, “I'm an actress. I grew up in the public eye. I grew up in America. I come to the set and I'm an actress and I adapt, so I want to imitate other people!” She went on to explain that her accent varies depending on the environment and people she's with, whether it's her American boyfriend or people with strong English accents. She also expressed regret for any offense caused by her accent variations, assuring that she is doing her best to adapt to situations.

Millie Bobby Brown is currently in the spotlight for her new film Damsel on Netflix, in which she plays a character with a British accent. However, despite her commitment to the role, some criticism has been raised about the film. In a review of the film for The Independent, film critic Clarisse Loughrey suggested that Netflix could have done better by simply making the third Enola Holmes installment. Despite criticism and controversy, attention on Millie Bobby Brown remains high, especially while awaiting the final season of Stranger Things, whose production was interrupted due to union strikes in 2023. The release of the fourth season is scheduled on Netflix in 2024.