Movies like Damsel: 5 films to see if you love fantasy with Millie Bobby Brown

If you loved Damsel, you will love these five films that we are about to recommend.

Image Credit: Netflix

Exploring fairy tales through a modern lens has become a recurring theme in the world of cinema, and the latest addition to the genre is Netflix's new film, Damsel. This film follows Princess Elodie, played by Millie Bobby Brown, on an adventure that takes her to face dragons and surprising revelations about Queen Isabelle's true intentions. But like Damsel, there have been many films that have taken up the world of fairy tales over time.

1. The Princess Bride (1987)

In The Fairy Tale, the narrative of Princess Buttercup and her charming Westley, who face bandits, kings, and other fairy-tale adversities, makes fun of many classic clich├ęs through rapid dialogue and constant interruptions of shots. This parody is evident in several moments of the film: from Inigo Montoya's battle with the six-fingered man to Westley's battle of wits with Vizzini and the big kiss at the end. The fantasy story has a lighter tone than Damsel but still features moments of suspense, such as Westley's "death" and the final confrontation with Prince Humperdinck. While there is no dragon in the film, the film's numerous creatures, including creatures of unusual size, provide the characters with a variety of challenges throughout the adventure.

2. Ella Enchanted (2004) is similar to Damsel

Ella Enchanted masterfully explores the theme of the magical gift within another Cinderella story. However, this time the gift of obedience bestowed on Ella turns out to be more of an obstacle than an advantage, as it forces her to obey anyone's orders against her will. This becomes especially difficult in the film's climax when the prince's evil uncle uses this against her. Ella and Elodie's determination to survive is remarkably similar, as is their ability to face and overcome dangers imposed by others. However, Ella Enchanted has a lighter and more comedic tone than Netflix's Damsel.

3. The Brothers Grimm (2005)

The Brothers Grimm offers a bold and dark twist on the world of fairy tales, placing the authors themselves at the center of the conflict. In the film The Brothers Grimm and the Enchanting Witch, the two brothers, not exactly flawless heroes, find themselves having to face a city tormented by the spell of an evil queen, despite their lack of experience in countering the supernatural. Meanwhile, the French army chases them, mixing reality with the fantasy of fairy tales. Fairytale figures are portrayed in their original versions, often darker and more sinister, as happens with the evil queen. The film has a more mature tone than the previously mentioned ones, similar to Damsel, with quick and unexpected twists in the plot.

4. Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)

Snow White and the Huntsman also adopt a more serious tone and darker aesthetic, like Damsel. But this time while telling the story of Snow White. The evil Queen Ravenna is now a witch who feeds on beauty to maintain her youth. As in the fairy tale, a magic mirror reveals to her that Snow White is more beautiful than her and the consumption of her beauty could guarantee her eternal youth. However, unlike the original story, the huntsman Eric actively helps Snow White, guiding her to her safety and supporting her in her battle against Ravenna. Snow White and Elodie share a strong determination and are both skilled with a sword. Both films present a dark atmosphere, with mostly muted landscapes and colors. Furthermore, both have powerful antagonists in the figure of the Queen, whose power and motivations make them formidable adversaries.

5. Stardust (2007)

Born from the pen of Neil Gaiman, Stardust is not limited to being a fairy tale, but fully embraces the vast world of the fantasy genre, like Damsel. The story follows Tristan's journey as he attempts to recover a fallen star, which transforms into a woman named Yvaine. This takes him to a land full of witches, pirates, unicorns, and many other classic creatures, resulting in an episodic adventure in which Tristan finds himself involved in the affairs of other characters eager to harm his newfound love. Among them are a band of feuding princes and three witches thirsting for immortality. Similar to Damsel, Stardust challenges and surprises audiences by playing with expectations. A striking example is the character of Captain Shakespeare, who at first appears to be a conventionally evil pirate.