'Red Queen' Spanish Prime Video Series Review

Red Queen stands out for its authentic Spanish setting and ability to capture the audience's attention without using elaborate special effects.

Image Credit: Prime Video

Reina Roja (Red Queen), the Prime Video series based on the acclaimed novel by Juan Gómez-Jurado, has aroused great interest both among followers of the book and among lovers of the detective genre in general. The show is available for streaming starting from February 29, 2024, an intelligent staging that follows the original material, but without imitating it, capable of perfectly embodying the settings described and the interactions between the characters.

The plot revolves around Antonia Scott, a super-gifted woman with an exceptional intellectual coefficient, and Jon Gutiérrez, a troubled policeman who is assigned the task of collaborating with Antonia in solving complex cases. The direction and screenplay are dark and simple simultaneously, full of twists and stylistic choices that recall the best American thriller films. The reiteration of the formula, in the case of Red Queen, is a winning formula and not a mere carbon copy of works already seen and known.

Red Queen: a Spanish series that mixes tradition and innovation

Red Queen stands out for its authentic Spanish setting and ability to capture the audience's attention without using elaborate special effects. The series focuses on the strength of its narrative and the relationships between the characters, offering an engaging and exciting show. According to Spanish cinema expert Juan Gómez-Jurado, the series exceeds the expectations of even the original novel: true praise, is important if you consider the book's media and literary potential. The characters of Antonia and Jon form an unlikely but effective duo, together tackling a series of shocking crimes that lead them into a dark world of ritual murder and high-stakes kidnapping.

The series offers an intricate plot, compelling characters, and compelling storytelling, highlighting Antonia's brilliance and Jon's appeal as the driver of the story. Additionally, the cast, including actors like Nacho Fresneda, Emma Suárez, and Andrea Trepat, give solid performances that contribute to the overall success of the series. The perceptible chemistry between the two protagonists creates a vortex of synergies and colors that enrich the plot with human, realistic, and captivating nuances: it is easy to follow Antonia's journeys in her "mental palace", a stainless and very complicated construct in which the woman succeeds to find its order and its reason for being.

Red Queen is a series worth seeing, both for followers of the book and for lovers of crime thrillers, thanks to its gripping plot, its well-developed characters, and its impeccable execution. The series' strong point is its ability to deftly navigate through the classic cat-and-mouse dynamic that characterizes crime thrillers, keeping the audience's attention constantly high until its climax. For lovers of gripping mysteries, this series becomes an essential experience. Its ability to mix suspense, intrigue, and unexpected humor promises total involvement in a genre often saturated with clichés.

Red Queen: evaluation and conclusion

Red Queen is a true success of content and style, a perfect mix: the series manages to keep the viewer on the razor's edge, with an intriguing plot full of surprising twists that constantly keep the audience's interest alive. Furthermore, the introduction of elements of unexpected humor adds a distinctive and refreshing touch to the genre, offering moments of comic relief without sacrificing the intensity of suspense. The show stands out as a series that offers an engaging and thrilling experience for fans of crime thrillers, thanks to its deft use of cat-and-mouse dynamics, its intricate plot, and its balance of suspense, intrigue, and humor.