Space Monkeys: the psychological thriller that explores the pitfalls of Gen Z arrives on Prime Video

Artificial intelligence and dangerous challenges: Space Monkeys, the debut feature film by Aldo Iuliano, arrives on Prime Video.

Image Credit: Prime Video

Dangerous challenges, artificial intelligence that orchestrates the games and emotional complexity of Generation Z. The film Space Monkeys has arrived on Prime Video, the debut feature film by Aldo Iuliano, already winner of the Golden Globe and numerous international awards for the short film Penalty is in competition at Venezia 80 with Dive in the Orizzonti section, who wrote the screenplay with Severino Iuliano and Alessandro Giulietti.

Artificial intelligence and dangerous challenges: the film Space Monkeys arrives on Prime Video

During an end-of-summer party, five teenagers play with an artificial intelligence that draws dangerous challenges. A visionary film shot in three languages with a pace that leaves no escape, inspired by current news events and set in a world where technology confuses the real and the virtual. The cast of very young stars such as Souad Arsane (French actress revealed at the 2019 C├ęsar Awards), Amanda Campana (Netflix Summertime series), Riccardo Mandolini (Netflix Baby series), Ambrosia Caldarelli (Circeo series on Paramount Plus) and Haroun Fall (Netflix Zero series).

Produced by Andrette Lo Conte for Freak Factory with Rai Cinema and the contribution of the Calabria Film Commission Foundation, it was shot entirely in Calabria between the beach of Crotone and a 1400s castle located in the mountains in Caccuri. “Artificial intelligence will revolutionize our world quickly. Space Monkeys explores the possible consequences of this revolution. It is a film that questions the present and the future, asking itself a crucial question, how to distinguish the real from the virtual when the boundary line becomes increasingly thinner? The film, co-produced and distributed in Italy by Rai Cinema, is now available to everyone on the platform Amazon Prime,” says producer Andrette Lo Conte.