Stranger Things: 5 characters who could die in Season 5

Someone is destined to die in Stranger Things season 5, but who?

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As the long-awaited fifth and final season of Stranger Things approaches, we are prepared for the inevitable: the possible death of one of the main characters. After the dramatic events of the previous season, in which we witnessed the loss of Eddie Munson and the uncertain fate of Max Mayfield, it is clear that no character is safe. With the series' end imminent, the question isn't whether anyone will die, but rather who will be destined for this tragic denouement.

1. Steve Harrington

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Steve Harrington experienced one of the most significant paths to redemption within Stranger Things. Initially introduced as a high school bully and a bad match for Nancy, he underwent considerable character development throughout the series. In the third season, he proved to have become a better person, establishing meaningful relationships with Nancy, Robin, and Dustin, whom he treated like a younger brother. However, this very evolution of him could bring him to the end of his journey, with the fifth season which could see him sacrifice himself to save his friends and demonstrate how much he has changed.

2. Will could be the next to die on Stranger Things

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Unfortunately, it seems that Will Byers' fate is shrouded in the shadow of death. His disappearance in the first season of Stranger Things acted as a catalyst for the protagonists, uniting them in their fight against the Upside Down. His possible death could represent an ironic closing of the narrative cycle. Furthermore, some theories suggest a link between Will and Vecna, the series' antagonist, suggesting that defeating the latter could have serious consequences for the young protagonist. If eliminating Vecna also means Will's sacrifice, his friends will find themselves facing a difficult choice. Will may decide to sacrifice himself to allow his friends to free themselves from the threats of the Upside Down that have haunted them for so long

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3. Eleven

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Eleven finds himself constantly under the weight of the world, with the responsibility to save everyone through his powers. His survival until the end of Stranger Things season 5 would be a great relief for viewers. However, his possible death would also mark the definitive conclusion of the Netflix series. Throughout the seasons, Eleven shows clear signs of exhaustion due to the constant fighting. Facing Vecna, his most formidable enemy yet, could take a huge toll, even putting his own life at risk.

4. Hopper could be the next to die in Stranger Things

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Like Steve, Hopper didn't enjoy the best reputation when he first appeared in Stranger Things. Initially, he wasn't seen as a villain, but rather as a gruff sheriff who was easier to sympathize with once the story of his daughter's death emerged. Throughout the series, Hopper has grown as a character, becoming a father figure to Eleven, offering her comfort and protection, as well as being a valuable ally to Joyce. Although he appeared to be dead at the end of season three, he was revealed to still be alive and being held captive in Russia. There have been numerous theories about his death for the series, and Season 5 of Stranger Things could sadly bring Hopper's fate to a close.

5. Dustin

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Thinking of having to say goodbye to Dustin is a hard blow for Stranger Things fans, but unfortunately, we can't be sure that this won't happen. In fact, Dustin's possible death could be linked to a traumatic event that occurred in season 4. Eddie Munson, a close friend of Dustin's from the Hellfire Club, sacrificed himself in the Upside Down to save Dustin's life. This event left an indelible mark on the minds of the surviving characters, and the memory of Eddie's death will likely continue to haunt Dustin throughout season 5. Considering that Vecna seems to favor victims who have suffered trauma, Dustin could be on her list.