Sydney Sweeney jokes about Madame Web flop: ''You definitely haven't seen it''

The actress joked about her films and characters during her episode of Saturday Night Live.

Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeney during her evening as a guest and host at SNL (Saturday Night Live) had the opportunity to joke and mock her latest film: Madame Web. It was during last night's episode of SNL, a popular program in the USA known for inviting a well-known face onto its show every week to create sketches, that Sweeney joked about the latest roles in his filmography, including Madame Web and Everyone Except You.

Sydney Sweeney jokes about her characters on SNL

During the program's opening monologue, Sydney Sweeney joked about the flop of the Sony film and about the most popular romantic comedy, a box office champion. The actress opened her monologue like this: “I am delighted to be here. My name is Sydney Sweeney. You may know me from Everyone But You or Euphoria. But you definitely didn't see me in Madame Web.” However, the actress also joked about the roles she often plays, in fact, many of her know her thanks to her role in the famous HBO series Euphoria: "I'm thrilled that you know the real me. Sometimes I feel like everyone knows me as the girl who screams, cries, or has sex in the series. And sometimes she is all three at the same time.”

However, Sweeney did not hesitate to even joke about the numerous rumors that she was in a relationship with her colleague Glen Powell during the filming of Everyone. Still, You, despite both being engaged at the time: “Obviously it's not true! My fiancĂ© and I produced the film together and he was there for the entire shoot. And I would like everyone to know that he is the man of my dreams and we are still together and we are stronger than ever." However, when the actress mentions that her boyfriend is in the audience, the camera shows Glen Powell among the spectators instead. Thus funnily continuing the sketch.

Source: Deadline