The Last of Us 2, the new infected will look more and more like the terrifying ones from the video game!

The Last of Us 2, the new "infected" zombies will be even scarier! New monsters are coming for fans to enjoy (and horror)!

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If The Last of Us 2 stays faithful to the original material, it could introduce new, much scarier types of Infected in the TV adaptation of the show. In the world of The Last of Us, the Infected are divided into subcategories, and one of the decisive factors that determine which category a zombie belongs to is how much time has passed since the host's death. However, other circumstances can influence the designation of an Infected. Let's find out more and see what could happen in season 2 of the cult HBO series with Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey.

The Last of Us 2, all the types of infected we could see in the next episodes

In the first season of the show, all types of zombies present were also seen in video games, but the opposite is not yet true. Runners, clickers, and bloaters, while terrifying in their own ways, represent just the tip of the Infected iceberg. Season 2 of The Last of Us may have new cast members encountering familiar forms of the monstrous creatures, but the show could also grant them encounters with updated counterparts presented by the video games. One of the Infected types that first appeared in The Last Of Us 2 might look familiar, even to those who have only watched the show without ever playing the games. Known as Shambler, this form of infection is in the fourth stage of its infection. It looks a lot like Bloaters, but Shamblers are the result of a long time spent in a humid environment, while Bloaters come from dry environments.

Both Bloaters and Shamblers come after the Clicker phase. They don't have the same precise echolocation, but they make up for it with heavily armored fungal exteriors. Like Bloaters, Shamblers can also infect healthy humans from a distance, with pockets of pus exploding on them – slightly more disgusting than the toxins released by injured Bloaters. A taste of how difficult it can be to take down a Shambler can be seen in the first season of The Last of Us, specifically in episode 5, Stand and Survive. Shamblers are scary, but they can be overcome. One of the fiercest boss battles in The Last of Us Part II sees the player face off against the Rat King. This vile creature is the Cordyceps, which brings together many advanced Infected into one terrifying organism. The Rat King is the most horrific zombie in The Last Of Us. He is incredibly resilient and if he ever appears in the second season of The Last of Us, he will certainly make it in a memorable episode.

The Last of Us season two may also focus more on the Shamblers, a phase two Infected who only appeared briefly in season one. As scary as the Infected were in season one, the new additions to the group take the horror to the next level. The Shamblers are essentially an even more visually disturbing version of the Bloaters, who already don't win any beauty pageants. The Rat King, on the other hand, is unsurpassed in brutality, raw power, and endurance. The addition of these new types of Infected not only increases the tension but also contributes to the overall darker tone of the series, aligning with the atmosphere established by The Last of Us Part II, the video game. As the show's adaptation process progresses, viewers can expect intense and harrowing encounters with these formidable adversaries, potentially enhancing the sense of desperation faced by the characters.

Source: Screenrant