Game of Thrones spin-off series about Jon Snow won't happen

Kit Harington had proposed a new serial project which however will not see the light at the moment

Image Credit: HBO

We have known for some time that the path of the various expansions of the Game of Thrones serial universe was not entirely linear. George R.R. has also reiterated this several times. Martin: There have been numerous projects that have accumulated on the table in recent years, but not all of them had any hope of being realized. And apparently one of those on which the HBO network fell was the much-talked-about spin-off on Jon Snow. The first news about a possible new series dedicated to the character played by Kit Harington emerged in June 2022 but then there were no further updates. But now comes the step backward that many early fans feared (while others will surely breathe a sigh of relief).

In an interview for the American site ScreenRant on the occasion of the promotion of his new film Blood for Dust, Harington himself communicated that the series is no longer in development, given that there was no way to "find the right story to tell." “I had never talked about it because it was all in progress, I didn't want leaks to come out and people to start making their own hypotheses or hating it, when there wasn't yet confirmation that it would be done", he added: 

"In the end it won't develop. It's out of the picture at the moment, because we couldn't find the right story that would make us all excited." Harington also says that for the moment the project has been shelved, but that doesn't mean it can't be done in the future. resumed. As also trained by Martin himself, it was Harington himself who contacted HBO to propose this spin-off, also involving some screenwriters identified by himself. 

The idea initially leaked was to continue the events of Jon Snow after his exile at the edge of the Wall, when at the end of the last season of Game of Thrones he was pushing himself to explore the Haunted Forest. At the moment, therefore, we will not know how this exploration will continue, but we can console ourselves with the other spin-offs that are already certain: while the second season of House of the Dragon is confirmed to arrive next June, the protagonists of the new A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight.