House of the Dragon, Game of Thrones star John Bradley on the series: ''I haven't watched it yet. It's too early''

The interpreter of Samwell Tarly in all eight seasons of Game of Thrones has confessed that he has not yet seen House of the Dragon: here's why!

John Bradley

After Lena Headey and Emilia Clarke, interpreters of Cersei Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen respectively, another Game of Thrones star has confessed that she has not yet watched the prequel series House of the Dragon, the second season of which will debut next June. Interviewed by the New York Post, actor John Bradley - who played Samwell Tarly in all eight seasons of the show - revealed that he was unable to enjoy watching the series focused on the Dance of the Dragons, also explaining the reasons.

Game of Thrones star John Bradley explains why he hasn't seen House of the Dragon yet

“I haven't watched House of the Dragon yet. Game of Thrones seems to have ended too recently for me to watch, but I've seen some clips of it. I have to say that it seems like a slightly different series to me,” began John Bradley. The actor then explained the differences between the two shows: “Game of Thrones had so many characters that spanned all of the Seven Kingdoms. There was much more room for all of humanity to exist. There were these very torn characters. There were vulnerable characters. Some characters had a hint of comedy. There were strong characters, wounded characters, and evil characters."

According to the Game of Thrones star, House of the Dragon “seems more about a particular area of storytelling and a particular area of humanity. So, the feeling is that there is a slightly smaller scope of characters." John Bradley, however, assured that sooner or later he too will enjoy the prequel show: “Everyone I've spoken to loves it. I'll watch it one day." The second season of House of the Dragon will debut in Italy on June 17th on Sky Atlantic and NOW.