Monkey Man: Jordan Peele praises Dev Patel's direction

Peele, who became the film's producer once the project was completed, took the film out of Netflix's limbo and allowed the film to be released in theaters.

Dev Patel/Jordan Peele

After conquering foreign critics, the action movie Monkey Man finally arrived in cinemas on April 4th. The directorial debut of the well-known actor Dev Patel, the film is an action thriller that is also receiving acclaim from the public and has been compared by many to films such as John Wick and Kill Bill. The film, written, produced, directed, and starring Patel, is the result of a long creative process by the Slumdog Millionaire actor. Initially bought by Netflix to be distributed on the online platform, the film was then forgotten for a few years, until Jordan Peele, producer of the film, decided to bring the project to Universal for distribution in cinemas.

Moneky Man, Peele on Patel: “I always wanted to work with him”

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly to promote Monkey Man, Dev Patel, and Jordan Peele talked about the film's development and story. Patel, who was inspired by Indian mythology and the Ramayana, created the film thinking about Hanuman, who in popular stories is half man and half monkey, “a sort of monkey superhero. I was very fascinated by this character.” Growing up, Patel wanted to transpose this mythological figure onto the screen: “I always thought, 'God, this is so interesting, I'd love to share it.' There are many parallels with comic book iconography, like Superman and all the others. And after that, the idea continued to grow, like this for 10 years.”

Peele praised Patel's direction and vision in making the film in the interview, saying, "It's crazy that you took a myth and took it to such an intense level [...] create the action at such high levels." of creativity and inventiveness. You took an ancient story and made a film that activates my Blackness on an unconscious level. As a spectator, it makes you want to stand up in the cinema and shout.” Peele then highlighted that he is a fan of Dev Patel and that "I've always wanted to work with him as an actor and direct him."