One Piece: The best episode of Gear 5? 1100 of the anime 'This is Cinema'

The return of Gear 5 to the One Piece anime has occurred with an absolutely spectacular episode

Image Credit: Crunchyroll

We knew it was coming and there were quite high expectations, but after watching episode 1100 of the anime I think it can be safely said that "One Piece" at this point 'is cinema'. After originally introducing Luffy's Gear 5 in a truly stellar battle against Kaido, the Straw Hat captain's most powerful transformation made an appearance again, this time against Rob Lucci in Egghead, and the result has been absolutely incredible.

The new episode of the One Piece anime once again demonstrates why Gear 5 is the perfect transformation for Luffy

As on many other occasions, I think this is one of those a picture is worth a thousand words, so below I leave you alone with the fragment of Luffy's transformation into his Gear in episode 1100 of the anime (via NewWorldArtur):

Now I want to comment on some things about the episode because it was spectacular:

  • First of all, Toei Animation has once again created pure cinema with the 1100th episode of the anime. The Gear 5 looks, again, absolutely incredible. 😎

  • Secondly, I personally prefer this transformation of Luffy over his awakening. I find it amazing to see how the form takes control of Luffy's body in different phases, and how Luffy himself reacts to each and every one of these. 😍
  • I also find it worth mentioning that the moments before the transformation (not captured in the video) Luffy stops dead after receiving an attack from Lucci taking the Gear 2 stance. Clearly a nod to what it was like during his first battle against Lucci himself when he awakened the first form of what was formerly known as the Gomu Gomu no Mi. 😮

  • And Lucci himself deserves mention apart from him as well. Not only has he awakened his devil fruit but he seems to be something of an antithesis to what Luffy's new form represents. Despite all the time that had passed, I think the return of this villain has been executed wonderfully. 🤗

It remains to be seen how the fight continues after Lucci has forcibly taken control of the Seraphim and especially with the shadow of Kizaru on the horizon, who will surely end up having a VERY notable impact on the events of Egghead. In any case, it is clear that the fact that Wano was so spectacular in its conclusion has not caused the brakes to be stepped on in the slightest with the beginning of the Final Saga of "One Piece".