Yellowstone, Kevin Costner opens up about his return in the latest episodes: ''I'd like to do it''

About a year after his turbulent farewell, Kevin Costner would like to return in the final episodes of the western series Yellowstone.

Image Credit: Paramount

Despite the turbulent farewell, complete with legal threats, Kevin Costner would be willing to return to acting in the last episodes of the Paramount+ Yellowstone western series to best conclude the narrative arc of his character, namely John Dutton. A return that seems, however, rather difficult given that the start of filming of the new episodes of the show is now imminent. “Even if Costner significantly reduces his financial and time commitment demands, Taylor Sheridan may not want to worry about rewriting finished scripts to introduce a farewell for John Dutton,” Puck previously reported.

Kevin Costner's statements on his possible and difficult return to Yellowstone

Kevin Costner, speaking to Entertainment Tonight, confessed that he wanted to return to the last episodes of Yellowstone: “I would like to be able to do it, but we didn't manage to do it… I thought about doing seven seasons, but at the moment we are at five. So I hope it works, but there are a lot of different shows going on. Maybe it will be like this. Maybe this will come back to me. If he does it and I feel really comfortable with it, I'd love to do it." The Dances with Wolves actor later added: “Dutton needs to be proactive in what happens and I have kind of an idea about the final arc of my character. But that's a Taylor thing. I told him some time ago. I've thought about how it could happen, but we'll just have to see."

For those who don't know, Kevin Costner said goodbye to Yellowstone last year after some creative differences with the production regarding his character. The actor also requested to be paid 12 million dollars for the episodes not yet filmed, threatening to take the matter to court if an agreement is not reached.