Kalki 2898 AD Movie Censor Review

Kalki 2898 AD

Kalki 2898 AD: If there is any movie that is so much awaited by movie fans worldwide then it must be Kalki 2898 AD. Not only Prabhas fans.. All movie fans are eagerly waiting for this movie. All the updates regarding this movie have already raised the expectations of the movie. Not only fans but filmmakers and critics are also reacting positively to the Nag Ashwin-Prabhas combo. This movie is going to be released worldwide on June 27. Recently the censor review of the Kalki movie has also come. Prabhas fans were overjoyed after seeing that review.

Prabhas- Nag Ashwin Kalki 2898 AD movie fans are eagerly waiting for. There are many updates about this movie like posters, character-revealing, teaser, trailer, Bujji and Bhairava animation series, and prelude videos. Buzzi is also doing massive promotions across the country. With all this, the expectations of the movie Kalki have increased enormously. After watching the trailer first, everyone is commenting that this is definitely a Hollywood range. Everyone is swaying with joy as the same word came out in the latest censor review. The movie has already got a U/A certificate.. Many updates are saying that the run time is 2 hours 55 minutes.

Sensor Review:

Adding more momentum to the news so far, the censor review has also arrived. In that review... Kalki is a visual wonder... a masterpiece. It is said that the emotion and dramatic developments in the movie are the big assets of the movie. Prabhas impresses with yet another amazing performance in his career as Bhairava. Also, it is said that the cameo roles of big stars and legends in this movie will surprise the fans. The climax takes this movie to another level. He believes that Kalki will stand as an epic movie in Indian cinema. Nag Ashwin's vision and production values ​​of Vyjayanthi movies have not only taken Indian cinema to another level, but also given the book a Hollywood range.