Kristen Stewart talks about the difficulties on the set of Never Meet the Parents

I got so many notes in the studio about my hair and my clothes, Kristen Stewart said.

Image Credit: Hulu

In a recent interview with Them magazine, Kristen Stewart opened the curtain on the difficulties encountered during the production of Never Meet the Parents, the 2020 Christmas romantic comedy. The film, directed by Clea DuVall and distributed by Sony Pictures via Hulu, was acclaimed as the first lesbian holiday romantic comedy produced by a Hollywood studio.

The actress expressed her frustration with studio executives' interference in the details of her character, including aspects such as her hair and clothing. Kristen Stewart highlighted her preference for a freer creative process and praised director Clea DuVall for allowing for greater artistic expression. “Identity was eliminated from my goals there,” Stewart told Them about “Happiest Season.” “I was getting so many notes from studio executives about my hair and my clothes. I thought, “You read the script.” You hired me. What are we doing here?’ It was damn annoying.”

In the film, Kristen Stewart plays the role of Abby, a lesbian woman whose relationship with her girlfriend Harper (played by Mackenzie Davis) is put to the test when they find themselves spending the Christmas holidays with Harper's family, who doesn't know about his sexuality. This experience led the actress to reflect on the studio's expectations and the importance of preserving the authenticity of the characters. In addition to discussing her past challenges, Kristen Stewart also talked about her new film, Love Lies Bleeding, in which she plays the role of Lou, a gym owner involved in a complicated relationship with a bodybuilder, played by Katy O'Brien. 

The crime thriller, distributed by A24, offered the actress the opportunity to explore a more complex and provocative role, far from the canons of traditional romantic comedies. Director Rose Glass praised Kristen Stewart for her portrayal of Lou, highlighting her ability to embody a virile and androgynous character authentically and engagingly. Stewart herself revealed that she felt attracted to the role of Lou due to her complexity and originality, highlighting her renewed passion for acting.

Source: Variety