What is 3 Body Problem? The meaning of the Netflix series title lies in a physics dilemma

Based on a successful novel, 3 Body Problem refers to a phenomenon in physics that is still inexplicable.

Image Credit: Netflix

The new series 3 Body Problem, recently released on Netflix, takes its title from a real and fascinating scientific enigma, which transcends narrative fiction to place us in front of a cosmic mystery. Imagine three stars bound by gravity, rotating around each other. Unlike the predictable motion of two suns, described by Newton's law of universal gravitation, this phenomenon becomes chaotic and unpredictable. The mutual interconnections create a complex celestial ballet, where calculating orbits with precision becomes almost impossible.

What is 3 body problem?

The 3-body problem focuses on a mathematical dilemma that has put the ingenuity of physicists to the test for centuries. While Newton's equations work perfectly in predicting the motion of two celestial bodies, the addition of a third element makes everything difficult to understand. Not even some of the brightest minds of our era have been able to identify a recurring pattern. Current analytical capabilities are unable to provide clear and exhaustive answers, but numerous scholars from all over the world are wondering, given the concrete implications for astronomy, astrophysics, and space exploration. 

Highlighting the behavior of systems with three or more bodies is fundamental in understanding the movement of asteroids, comets, and even extrasolar planets. Furthermore, it is crucial for designing efficient space missions, exploiting the so-called "gravitational slingshots" of the planets to accelerate or modify the trajectory of space probes. A bridge between science and imagination, The 3-Body Problem invites us to reflect on the vastness of the universe and the mysteries that still surround it. The production, visible to all Netflix subscribers in over 190 countries covered by the streaming platform, was born from the science fiction novel by Liu Cixin.