Marvel Zombies, here's what to expect from the long-awaited Marvel series arriving on Disney+

Marvel Zombies promises to be a real gem of the animated series: the new Marvel releases will not disappoint the public!

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Brad Winderbaum, head of Marvel Studios, Streaming, Television, and Animation, provided some chilling details about the tone of the upcoming Marvel Zombies project and how it reflects the Marvel Cinematic Universe's willingness to experiment with different genres and mediums. Speaking to IGN, he said: “In terms of more mature animation, yes, we're making a Marvel Zombies show that's pretty intense and is definitely a TV-MA show,” Winderbaum confirmed, assuring fans that the 'MCU is “trying to honor comics.” He also pointed out that “what was so great about comics was not pulling back punches. That's definitely what we're trying to achieve on that project as well.”

So what to expect from this controversial project?

Marvel Zombies will bring the same terror of the comics to the screen

Winderbaum's comments reflect those of director Bryan Andrews who, in a February interview, hinted at using Marvel Zombies' TV-MA rating for several brutal zombie kill scenes. “People die. And he dies brutally,” he said while referencing moments of levity and humor between the zombie attacks. Speaking about tackling this balance of fun and dark storytelling present in Marvel Zombies, Andrews added: “It's not all completely horrible… We could cheer you up with some laughs and some humor and feel-good moments, and then we take something away from you. So, it's pretty brutal.”

Marvel Zombies marks the latest MCU project to hold a TV-MA rating, following the recent Echo miniseries starring Alaqua Cox and Vincent D'Onofrio. Inspired by Robert Kirkland's 2005 limited series – itself a spin-off from a parallel world shown in the Ultimate Fantastic Four comic – this version of the zombie universe first appeared in the first season of What If…?, imagining a reality in which a “quantum virus” has managed to infect nearly all of Earth's population, including several Avengers. An official character roster for the series was announced in 2022, pitting zombie versions of Scarlet Witch, Abomination, Captain Marvel, and other heroes like Shang-Chi, Yelena Belova, Red Guardian, Ms. Marvel, and Kate Bishop. Among the participants in the series is Iman Vellani, who described the new version of Kamala Khan as “the Frodo of the story.”

Together with Marvel Zombies, Marvel Studios is currently working on season 3 of What If…? which, according to Andrews, could potentially be released in late 2024. An official three-minute preview of season 3 was released in December, teasing a car chase between Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier and Red Guardian and US law enforcement. Other animated series in development include Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man and Eyes of Wakanda.

Marvel Zombies will stream on Disney+, although an official release date has not yet been announced.

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