Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe terrified by Alan Rickman: ''I thought he hated me''

"I was terrified. I thought he hated me." With these words, Daniel Radcliffe described his relationship with Alan Rickman in the first three films of the Harry Potter saga.

Alan Rickman/Daniel Radcliffe

Although over time a deep bond of friendship was born between them, Daniel Radcliffe was initially terrified of Alan Rickman, especially in the first three Harry Potter films. The protagonist of the saga of the most beloved boy wizard on the big screen revealed it during his guest appearance on Josh Horowitz's Happy Sad Confused podcast. An anecdote that isn't too surprising, given that in the first films Radcliffe was just a novice teenage actor and that Rickman's performance as Severus Snape was as masterful as it was macabre.

Daniel Radcliffe was terrified of Alan Rickman in the first three films of the Harry Potter saga

It all started when Josh Horowitz showed Daniel Radcliffe an unedited clip of an interview with Alan Rickman from 2016, shortly before his death, in which the actor indulged in compliments towards the three protagonists of the saga, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, and indeed Daniel Radcliffe. “Even though I was acting for seven weeks, they were doing it for 52 weeks. This was their life from ages 12 to 22. And sometimes you watched from the sidelines and threw out some lifeline because there was so little time. It's only in the last few years that I've been able to sit in a bar with Daniel in New York. He was at the theater and I was at another. It was a huge pride to go and see him in the musical How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. How dare he dance as well as Broadway dancers? He worked a lot on it."

“Thank you for showing me. I had never seen it before,” Daniel Radcliffe was quick to point out. 'The actor then added: “I was so intimidated by Alan Rickman. How can you not be with that voice? Even hearing that voice you forget how low it was until it resonates within you. I was so intimidated by him in the first three movies. I was terrified of him and thought, 'This guy hates me.' But somehow he understood that I really wanted to act and work on it." Eventually, the late British actor became one of Daniel Radcliffe's biggest supporters: “He cut short a holiday in Canada to come see me do Equus. He saw every play I did when he was alive. Afterwards, we went out together and he commented on it. He was one of the first to say, 'You should focus on voice coaching and investigate all these aspects.' I'm so lucky. Hearing him say that is really lovely. Thanks for showing me the video.”

Source: Variety