Netflix refused to finance David Lynch's next film

Netflix has refused to finance David Lynch's new film, a project that would mark a milestone in his career.

David Lynch

At 78 years old, David Lynch still has new ideas for telling stories. After revolutionizing television with Twin Peaks he now wants to return to making films, after two decades of absence. And, as it couldn't be otherwise, the director of Mulholland Drive has no interest in bending to the system. The result? A Hollywood that doesn't want to finance it. As reported by Deadline, Lynch has been trying for some time to put together Snootworld, his animated fairy tale that he began writing twenty years ago with Caroline Thompson, screenwriter of The Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands, and The Addams Family. 

“I recently thought someone might be interested in financing it, so I pitched it to Netflix over the last few months, but they turned it down.” “Snootworld is kind of an old-school story, and animation today is in a whole other ballpark. Old fairy tales are considered boring: apparently, people don't want to watch them. Now it's a different world and it's easier to say no than to say yes,” said the director. As sad as most of us are to live in a world where even a genius like David Lynch struggles to find funding for a job, the man hasn't given up hope yet: 

“I like this story. It's something that kids and adults can appreciate at the same time. I've never done animation, but with today's computers you can do spectacular things.” David Lynch, however, is not alone: there is a group of legendary directors who have difficulty attracting the attention of studios. Francis Ford Coppola is going through his particular via Crucis with Megalopolis, Woody Allen believes he will never make a film again, and John Waters took more than fifteen years to put together a new project... these are dark times for art.