Son Goku's arch-villain got his ultimate revenge and you may have missed it

One of the most badass villains in Dragon Ball has finally managed to take revenge on Son Goku. He seems to play a crucial role in the Dragon Ball Super manga.

Image Credit: Toei Animation

Dragon Ball has introduced some memorable antagonists to the series over the years. Some were evil and others simply wanted to fight against Son Goku and his friends for no evil reason. From the demon Boo to the humanoid fighter Jiren, there are all sorts of different villains with different motives. Spoiler warning: The following section contains spoilers for the Granolah arc in the Dragon Ball Super manga. However, one person, even after his defeat in Dragon Ball Z, took on the role of a villain in Dragon Ball Super again: Freeza. The returning villain has managed to get revenge on Son Goku in the ultimate way.

Freeza defeats Goku with just one punch and spares him as an insult afterward

In the manga, chapter 87, Goku and Vegeta find themselves in a heated battle against the unpredictable villain Gas, who was one of the strongest in the universe at the time. While the two Z-Warriors had difficulties against the antagonist, Freeza appeared and made a short work of Gas. Freeza explained to the two heroes that he had trained and achieved a completely new form: Black Freeza. After showing off his new look and powers, the supervillain knocked Goku and Vegeta to the ground with just one punch and denounced them.

So Goku suffered a devastating defeat, even though he was at his strongest at the time. He lost by just a single blow and was even left alive by his archenemy. In Dragon Ball Z, the fight between the two is considered one of the most significant moments in the series. The fight lasted 18 episodes and Freeza was not only knocked down by Son Goku with one punch towards the end, but was also humiliated by the hero. After his victory, Goku even gave Freeza some of his energy so that the villain could get back up.

In Dragon Ball Super, in their final encounter, the tables were turned and Freeza defeated Goku with just one punch in the same way the hero did to him. Although this victory was some satisfaction for the villain, it appears that he also has bigger plans. It is not yet officially known what Freeza plans to do next, as he has not reappeared since his disappearance. As the ultimate revenge, Freeza could now use his newly awakened powers to completely wipe out the entire Saiyan people in Universe 6. While the Cell Max saga from the Dragon Ball Super film was implemented in the manga and deepened with Beast Gohan and Orange Piccolo, Goku, and Vegeta trained on Beerus' planet in preparation for a fight with Freeza.